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Market Updates

Monthly comprehensive market updates.

Clearview Portfolio Consulting September Market Recap

Key Points: September lived up to its reputation as a notoriously bad month in the markets.  Stocks across the globe sold off after the Federal Reserve indicated that its outlook for rates was higher than expected.  There could be an additional rate hike in 2023 to make sure inflation is contained.  The S&P500 dropped 4.8% for the month with energy
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Clearview Portfolio Consulting August Market Recap

Key Points: While investors continue to ponder if the US economy is headed into a recession, bond rating agency Fitch downgraded US Treasury debt in August.  They cited the high
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Clearview Portfolio Consulting July Market Recap

Key Points: The economic environment turned more favorable in July as economic growth proved resilient and inflation continued to fall.  The US economy grew at an unexpected 2.4% annualized rate
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Clearview Portfolio Consulting June 2023 Market Recap

Key Points: After a streak of 10 straight interest rate hikes the Federal Reserve decided on a “hawkish pause” for June.  While they did not raise rates this meeting, they
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